“This is more than a photo shoot, its a complete photography experience”

Here at Julie Fraser Photography I want to make sure that I capture your families or pets personalities and give you the best experience I can along with creating the beautifully mounted Fine Art Prints and quality Wall Art Products that you will fall in love with. Everything that you need to know about your Personal Portrait Experience is documented below.

I spend approximately 10 hours working with each client, longer for Newborn clients. This includes everything from our initial phone calls to discover your ideas about what you are looking for, discuss what you envisage your end product being, planning the session, the session itself, editing your images, the in-person viewing appointment, preparing your chosen images getting them ready to send to our suppliers for production, all the way through to you collecting your unique and personal family or pet portrait.

Step 1 – Booking your Session

Sessions are available from Tuesday to Sunday starting at 1030am with the last appointment at 4:00pm. Evenings appointments are available Tuesday – Thursday. Be advised, weekend slots are very popular and book up first.

A booking fee is required to secure your booking into our diary, and will be deducted from the price of any of our Portrait Collections.  The booking fee is not refunded if you give us less than 3 days notice for the cancellation of your appointment however your session can be rescheduled to another date/time.

If you haven’t already spoken to me, I will call you at a mutually agreed time to have a friendly chat to find out about who’s going to be coming to your session and what your ideas and hopes are for that final image or images you’re going to be displaying in your home. I know that not everyone is comfortable speaking on the phone however its the quickest way to find out what you are looking for and there isn’t an endless trail of questions and answers that there would be via email or messenger. Trust me I’d rather “speak” through messaging but it really isn’t the most effective way to communicate. A quick 5 minute conversation and thats it done.

Step 2 – Before your Session

I will contact you a few days before your session to make sure that nothing in our plan has changed and this is our opportunity to discuss clothing choices that you have made. The colours and styles will help determine the style and location of the artwork within your home.

Step 3 – The Session

This is the fun part where all the planning comes together.

After showing us all of your items you have brought in to express your families personality, we will help plan out the perfect shoot and guide you to get the best possible shots for you and your family.

Just before you leave we will take some time to show you the display options from the sample products you will see on the walls of the studio. All of our images come finished and ready to hang in your home. This is an opportunity to see, touch and hold the products and get a real sense of what will look best in your home. At this point we will book your in-person viewing and ordering appointment.

Step 4 – Your In-Person Viewing and Ordering Appointment

This is where it all comes together. Approximately 10-12 days after your photography session you will return to view your images in our studio, allowing you to re-live the moments that are now captured forever.

I will help you every step of the way to select your favourite images and turn them into timeless and original pieces of wall art to suit your homes’ style and design.

All of your artwork comes finished and ready for display, with a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget. Our Matted prints (printed on Fuji Fine Art Photo Rag Paper) start at £50 each and Print Folio Boxes start from £200 for a box of 5 prints. Our Wall Art Ranges start from £215. Our Room Collections range from £765 for our most popular collection “The Trio” which consists of 2x 20″ x 16″ & 1x 30″ x 20″ Boutique Canvas Gallery Wraps.

Step 5 – Collect your Artwork

Your finished wall art and matted prints will be ready to be collected from the studio approximately 2-4 weeks after your viewing and ordering appointment. The artwork is made with the highest quality products available to the photography industry and all come with a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.

As soon as the images are ready to be collected you will be contacted to arrange a time to collect your artwork.

Step 6 – Display your Artwork

I love creating amazing images for you and the family. The artwork looks amazing in my studio but it looks even better when it’s displayed in your own home!

Make sure you take a photo of your artwork and send it to juliefraserphoto@gmail.com

If you’ve read this far…thank you!
Can I take it you are interested in a photography session? If so just fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch to start planning your Photography Experience!