Newborn Portrait Sessions

Small selection of images from baby Ethan’s Newborn Portrait Session at 9 days new

The love and affection you instantly feel when your tiny newborn baby is placed in your arms for the very first time is like no other love you will ever experience. They are your finest creation.

However the first few weeks are an emotional rollercoaster for new parents and the time just whizzes by in no time at all and those first few days become a distant blurred memory.

Newborn Portrait Sessions capture your baby when just days old, when they were so tiny and curled up all they did was sleep, eat and cry. When you book a Newborn Portrait Session with us all the tiny details will be captured and you will have the memories preserved to last a lifetime

Your baby is the main focus of the session and props are kept to a minimum to focus on your baby. The majority of our images will be of your baby on our posing table with simple posing and wrapping and on the floor in some of our beautiful props. Parent & Baby images are included and siblings are welcome to join in the session, as are the furry members of the family too.

Some of the co-ordinating blankets, wraps, outfits and hats available for use in Session

The best time to book a Newborn Portrait Session is around the same time as your 20 week scan. All that we require is the Session Fee payment to ensure you are booked in.

As babies seldom arrive on their due dates we block off our calendar for the weeks before, during and after your date so we will always have a day or two available for you once you are home and settled with baby. Once baby has arrived all you need to do is let us know and we can then firm up a date for your session.

Our Newborn Portrait Sessions usually take place on a week day rather than at weekends as you will be our only client on the day and no pressure is put on you to arrive on time. Of course weekend dates can be booked if you plan to bring along school aged siblings.

The sessions aren’t rushed, they are all baby led so we allow for a 4 hour session for feeding, settling and cuddling, though most finish in around 3 hours. By giving you this time it allows you to arrive slightly later as its not easy getting yourself and your new baby out of the house on time.

Safety is paramount and we will never put your baby in poses that are unnatural or would put baby at risk in any way. A lot of the images you may see on my social networking pages are “Composite Images” where 2 images have been taken while baby is being supported by a parent, and then precisely edited to align the images and remove the parent. Julie has trained with some of the UK’s best newborn photographers and is fully trained in the aspect of newborn baby posing and has over 8 years experience of working with newborn babies in the studio.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Studio to capture your newborn baby’s images.  In the meantime just sit back and look around your home and plan where you can hang those first precious images of your new family unit and your beautiful newborn baby.

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