Where to start?

I’m middle aged…….but young at heart, I’m plus sized but my husband says there’s more of me to love.  

I’m loving the grey hair that I’ve been blessed with, its real not out of a bottle!

I love my husband, my children (both in their 20’s), my dogs….although its not always in this order.

I love coffee, sunshine, my dogs (have I mentioned them already?)  I LOVE ice-cream…oh and wine, how could I forget about wine!

I’ve been told I’m patient….(my family would disagree). I’ve been told by many that they love my work, which makes me happy.

I’m a photographer who loves her job and that shines through in the images I take. I have happy clients and hope if you are reading this you’ll soon be one too.

If you want to be one of my happy clients then just contact me and I’ll get in touch to find out what you love in your life and how we can fit that into your photography session.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to meet you soon.