Lets “Rock The Box”

I’m so excited to be one of the first Photography Studios in Scotland to offer a completely different style of studio photography where your family get to ROCK THE BOX!

What is a Rock the Box Session?

Its certainly not a typical studio session that’s for sure! You and your family (furry 4 legged ones welcome too) will take turns stepping into a raised 4′ x 4′ x 2′ purpose built box as a group (or smaller groups depending on numbers of and sizes of the participants) and as individuals. We will have already discussed each individual taking part (at the pre-session Consultation) and how their hobbies, activities can be included in your session, creating a unique piece of art that you will love. We have 3 designs to choose from, all in square formats to go with the Box theme.

The 3 Designs are a 4 Box Design (2×2 Grid), a 9 Box Design (3×3 grid) or a 13 Box Design (1 large middle image surrounded by 12 smaller images). As well as our Classic Framed Print, we also have the option to purchase any or all of the 3 Designs as digital files.

Is a Rock The Box Session more expensive than a normal session?

It’s not more expensive for the session, in fact its only £25 to book it. However this is not a typical photography session, a lot goes into making it personal to your family and while the time to take the photos is around 1 hour, we will also spend time at the end of your session reviewing your images on a laptop so you can choose your favourites and discuss which Design(s) you would like creating. After your session is when the magic begins. The designing of the boxes is very labour intensive and they take time to create and as such the price of the Designs reflect this.

How many people can be included in a Rock the Box Session?

The only restriction I have is the size of my studio so I would say that in one session a max of 6 people. However if you are wanting a larger extended family photo it is possible to book back to back sessions and we can overlap to incorporate Grandparents, Parents, adult siblings, siblings/cousins/grandchildren.

I only want to purchase the Digital Images, is that possible?

Yes of course it is! I appreciate that clients want to own the digital copies of the Designs as a Stand Alone Product (i.e. no wall art included) and have this as an option to purchase a 4-Box Design, 9-Box Design, 13-Box Design or even all 3 of those Designs as a set, saving you money on purchasing them individually and also includes a gift for you*. You will receive your chosen files via an online download and these files will be sized to 20″ Square, 24″ Square and 28″ Square ready for you to upload your chosen size to your preferred online photography printing site. You will also receive downsized copy/s of your chosen design/s for you to share on Facebook, Instagram etc.

*If purchasing all 3 designs you will also receive a Complimentary Facebook Cover Photo incorporating these designs.

Facebook Cover Photo

Can I Purchase Directly From You?

Absolutely, in fact its better value to purchase the Classic Frame, have it printed and framed by my professional printing lab, than for you to purchase the digital image(s), and then have the job of selecting a product to print it on and the quality of it being inferior.

Our Classic Framed Print is a Lustre Print, mounted on card, Heat-Sealed for protection then placed into your choice of Black or Silver Frame. A simple dust on occasion will keep it looking great for years to come. We also know that our wall art purchasers like the option of having the Digital Images to keep too, so we have these available to purchase at fantastic prices compared to buying them as a Stand Alone Product. You will receive both Hi Resolution Files as well as files for sharing on Facebook/Instagram.

As well as the Box Designs you are welcome to purchase digital copies of the individual boxes to create your own wall gallery – these are available as Add-On products once a purchase of a Classic Frame or a Digital Design File has been purchased.

I want to discuss booking a Rock The Box Session with you, how do I do that?

Easy, just fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!