Industry Competitions – April 2019

Just as I’m organising my entries for May’s Monthly Image Competitions with The Societies and The Guild of Photographers (the two leading UK photography associations) I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t posted about my results for April!

The Societies is a free to enter competition to members however only 1 image per category is permitted. On the other hand The Guilds competition is paid for and you can enter a minimum of 3 up to 15 images in various categories. As I am focussing on Pets at the moment I am only entering that category with each association.

I completely forgot to enter March’s competitions and I am kicking myself about that still so have set a reminder to get it done before the last day of the month to ensure I enter and hopefully for The Guild anyway be awarded for the standard of images entered over the year by way of the Photographers Bar, as well as a nomination for Photographer of the Year with both associations, but thats a long way off yet for me, I will have to earn a few Gold awards before that becomes a possibility.

Anyway, here are the results from April’s competitions; 1x Highly Commended from The Societies and 2x Bronze (1 of which was High Bronze so nearly a silver) and 2x Silver Awards. Delighted that I am producing work of this standard for paying clients who always say, my dog won’t sit still for you long enough…proving that yes they do, to the client it might feel like we are getting nowhere until they see their images then its a completely different story I’m glad to say!

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