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Who am I?

Its a question I ask myself a lot.  I’m not meaning who am I as a person, it’s who am I as a photographer?  If I were to ask anyone who knows me they’ll probably say oh you’re a baby photographer or a children’s photographer and well yes I am but thats not me, its not who or what I want to be defined as.

Over the last 6 years of being in business I have been every type of photographer; events, commercial, pet, portraits, wedding, lifestyle, boudoir and yes babies.  I have been blessed in having continuous business and a busy diary, I have the most fantastic clients and repeat clients.  I’ve also been that person that was afraid to say “sorry no I can’t do that, its not for me” when a job came along that held little spark to ignite my creativity and also that person that couldn’t turn a client away so took on more work than I could cope with. This year however I decided that I was going to slow down a bit, enjoy life, not work all day/every day taking photos and then spend all evening editing them, never spending quality time with my husband when he was home or more importantly never having quality time for myself.  I spent this past summer working the weddings that were booked in and a few portrait sessions, the rest of the time I spent on myself and having that time has enabled me to reflect upon my business-self.

The first thing was to really think about running a studio from a rented building, the pressure of meeting overheads each month focussing more on the money I HAD to earn to pay the bills more than the sessions I was booking in.  So having a perfectly adequate space at home the decision was easily made to give up the rented studio and go back to my home studio in the garden, where I first started off from before wanting bigger and better things.  This then led me on to what type of photography does ignite my spark and passion? What kind of photography makes me feel proud and eager to get back and start editing the files, what makes me feel like a proper professional photographer?

The answer was simple when I thought about it…….. I am a PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER!

Portrait Photography is the art of capturing a subject (or group of subjects) in which the face, facial features as well as facial expressions are the predominant feature – its about the person in front of the lens, pure and simple.  This is what ignites me as a photographer, being able to see how the light falls on a person, to have them turn so the light creates shadows giving depth, to see the catchlights in the eyes.  Its about collaborating and planning with the client,  what should you wear, do you need a make up artist or a hair artist  – this is what I love, producing top quality images for my client!

I decided to do a personal project and invited some past clients and some new ones to the studio and created some beautiful portraits.  There was no rushing as it wasn’t about getting lots of images for the client to choose from, it was about getting the best images for the client by perfecting the details before pressing the shutter button. A Portrait Session isn’t about buying a USB of digital files so you can put them on social networking sites, its about choosing an image and then creating a work of art by selecting a beautifully crafted product for it to be printed on and for it to be hung on a wall and admired or choosing a selection of images and having them printed and mounted on Fine Art photography papers to be placed in desktop frames, in other words to be shown off beautifully and proudly.

So there it is…I’m a portrait photographer! Now I know who I am I will be creating new collections for 2017, I’ll still be offering newborn and baby photography and a few others but Portrait Photography will be a huge part of my business going forward into 2017.  And if you would like to find out more about a Portrait Session for you, your family, your child then please just complete the form at the bottom of this post.

Before you get to the form, please spend a moment looking at these beautiful images, can you imagine you having your family or your child’s portraits similar to these portraits in your home?


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