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    Thanks for stopping by, I'm the Julie in Julie Fraser Photography.

    I photograph Newborns, Babies, Children & Families, in my cosy Home Studio or outdoors in our lovely countryside, using the fabulous natural light that we have up here in the Far North of Scotland.

    I also offer Wedding Photography for discerning couples with prices starting at £700.

    As a Julie Fraser Photography session is an investment in the most personal work of art that you will possess, I offer a variety of beautiful Wall Art products that have been selected for their quality, ensuring that your custom art will be treasured for years to come. Family Portraiture Sessions start at £40 and I offer Session Packages and A La Carte options to suit many budgets. The majority of my clients spend, on average, £300 - £500 on beautiful custom artwork for their homes.

    Go get a coffee or tea and then sit, relax and look through my pages, if you like what you see and appreciate good photography get in touch so we can start planning your photography session together. If you want to jump straight in and ask some questions just click on Enquire in the header above.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Julie xx

We’re delighted to announce the dates for our Swans ‘n Sparkles Sessions for little girls aged from 6 months (must be sitting unsupported) up to 6 years or thereabouts.

The sessions will take place the weekend of 2nd & 3rd February and each session will last approximately 20 minutes and Session Fee is £25 however this will be refunded when spending over £150.

There was a great response to our recent Competition so now that the Winner and Runner’s Up have been booked in we are opening up our Diary to a limited number of bookings.

To book in just click on the link below to choose the date and time you would like , click on Continue, make your payment and we’ll be in touch once completed.

Every month from January to November, The Societies hold a monthly image competition in which all members can enter an image into one of 27 differing categories ranging from Architectural to Weddings. Being a Portrait Photographer I tend to stick to my normal categories of Newborn, Children, Portrait Studio and occasionally Pictorial & Fine Art or Monochrome The top images from all categories in the monthly competitions are all judged and then nominations for Photographer of the Year are sent out and the winners are announced at the next Annual Convention’s Awards Night.

While I was away in London last month for this years Convention18, I, as normal, met up with friends, some of whom I only see at this convention and we tend to spend our evenings socialising in a rather large group, going for meals together etc and it was during our annual Curry Night (at Mughals Indian Restaurant in Paddington – if in the area make sure you try them out, amazing meals to be had from there) that our group on seeing a canvas on the wall of a red chilli pepper on fire that we came up with idea that we should all enter the Monthly Competition for January with our own take of a chilli on fire to see who (if any of us) could get a Highly Commended or even an illusive Gold Award for our efforts, oh how we all laughed at this idea but then being photographers and competitive we all came home and the joke started becoming serious! We all went out and purchased our chilli’s and with some safe practices and some very unsafe ones too (with a pair of Ugg boots being ruined in dampening down the flames by one of our group who shall remain nameless) we all set about the now officially titled “Chilli Challenge” and once completed we duly entered our images into the competition under various categories of Illustrative, Pictorial & Fine Art, Avente Garde and one entry even managed to end up being entered into the Street Photography category (by mistake we hope).

Today the judging was finalised and the results were published and I was over the moon to find out that my Chilli, along with one other from our group of friends had been awarded Highly Commended!  Not only that, but entering my Chilli Challenge image also pushed me into entering another one into the Children’s Category which was of 1 year old Nicole who had come to the studio just 2 weeks ago for her first birthday Cake Smash session.

I hardly entered competitions last year as I felt no urge to do so as the judges “didn’t get my style”.  You often hear photographers complaining that competitions aren’t for them as their images don’t seem to make the grade of being Merit or Excellent standard, but as I found out to get these awards to have to go further than the norm.  Normal images that you take for clients, while a great quality and award winning in your clients eyes, aren’t the same as taking images for competition where Fellowship judges are looking for and finding faults with every aspect of your image.  So my enthusiasm has been reignited, we’re carrying on with the Chilli Challenge setting new themes for each month and I’ll also be shooting for competition each month too, its the only way to improve your skills both behind the camera and in front of the computer.

With that said here are my Award Winning Images for January, courtesy of The Societies

Wow!  What a week I had down in London attending The Societies Convention 2018 held in the Hilton Metropole in Paddington!  The Convention is a must in my business diary as its 5 days packed with learning, networking and awards!  I’ve been lucky to have been nominated twice before for Baby Photographer of the Year however this year I never entered the competitions regularily enough to warrant a nomination, however I did enter the 20″ x 16″ International Print Competition which attracts 1000’s of entries from all over the world

I entered 3 images which were printed by my preferred professional printing lab, The Print Foundry, however I didn’t actually see the prints beforehand as they were sent straight from lab to the Societies HQ, so I had no idea how the images would look once printed up and mounted.  I needn’t have worried as The Print Foundry are meticulous with their standards of presentation and printing and the images looked outstanding!

Wednesday and Thursday were devoted to the Print Competition where there are several rooms running different categories of Prints from the Wedding Category and Portrait Category both having sub-categories within them.  The prints are then judged live by panels of 5 Fellowship Judges for criteria such as Impact, Creativity, Composition, Lighting & Colour Balance, Technical Excellence, Technique and Storytelling.  Each image is then scored out of 100 using an International Scoring System.  Image scoring starts from 75 for images that are deemed to be above average.  Images from 80-84 are Merit, 85-89 are Excellent, 90-94 are Outstanding and 95-100 are Exceptional.  The image below is from The Societies facebook page and it shows how the images are displayed to the judges with a specialist lightbox for viewing.  Judges are free to sit and look at the images or get up and look closer if they wish, however they are not allowed to touch the prints.

I was in the judging room when my images were being viewed and I was able to hear the panel of 5 judges from the UK & USA  (all Fellowship photographers themselves, 3 being Masters and 1 a Grand Master!) discuss the qualities of the images individually and hear the scores being read out by the Chairman of the panel.  I was over the moon when I learnt my images scored 80, 85 & 86 points, placing them in the Merit & Excellent scoring range.  Images over the magical merit score of 80 are placed in the foyers of the Hilton for visitors to the Convention to view as they walk from Trade Show to Masterclasses.  In the photography world its deemed an honour for your image to be “hung on the wall” so to have 3 out of 3 of my images displayed was a very proud moment for me.  The photo below, again from The Societies facebook page shows one of my images of Amy hung on the wall, the other 2 are around the far side on opposing walls.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these images already but here they are again….for the final time!  I am looking forward to developing this style although maybe not so avant garde, toning it down but still creating beautiful images of children and families that will be timeless and elegant, to be hung on the wall and admired.

If you would like more information on my pricing etc then just click on the Pricing link above or complete the form below to take the next step.  My photography isn’t the cheapest but it is affordable and it is by an Award Winning Photographer!!

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess, wearing a beautiful dress and feeling wonderfully special!

With our collection of beautiful occasion dresses we are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of a truly bespoke photography session for girls aged 4 to around 8 years old called “Fairytales”.

Lasting up to 2 hours, our Fairytales sessions start in our newly built summerhouse, where your Princess, with your assistance, will choose the dress or dresses she wishes to wear for her photography session.  Once chosen and ready we will start off the experience in the studio where its warm and dry to get relaxed in front of the camera.  Once this is finished we will then change into another dress and venture outdoors for a session down the riverside or to the beach where your Princess will have even more photos taken.

When deciding on how to market these sessions we decided that such a beautiful bespoke session deserves a beautifully finished product and with that in mind, these Sessions, priced at only £250,  include a beautiful 20″ x 16″ Wall Portrait of your choice ready to display in your home.  You will also receive the same image in digital format to share with friends and family.

Due to living where we do, the Fairytales Sessions will only be available May – September making the most of the warmth and light of Summer and early Autumn.  To book just get in touch with us.  All thats required at time of booking is a booking fee of £50 with the balance being due on the day of your session.


To mark the launch of our Fairytales Sessions one lucky little lady has the chance of winning her session and being able to choose her Wall Portrait for free.  All thats required is for Mummy to fill in the form below before 30th April.

The lucky winner will be announced on 1st May on our Facebook page during a LIVE stream to show that this truly is the luck of the draw, not a cherry picked winner.

We would be delighted if you would share this competition with your Facebook friends and if you haven’t already done it, please give us a LIKE as it helps build our business.  Information given in the form will not be used by Facebook and this competition is in no way affiliated to Facebook.  Get entering and Good Luck! I’m looking forward to making a little girl’s dreams come true.

Who am I?

Its a question I ask myself a lot.  I’m not meaning who am I as a person, it’s who am I as a photographer?  If I were to ask anyone who knows me they’ll probably say oh you’re a baby photographer or a children’s photographer and well yes I am but thats not me, its not who or what I want to be defined as.

Over the last 6 years of being in business I have been every type of photographer; events, commercial, pet, portraits, wedding, lifestyle, boudoir and yes babies.  I have been blessed in having continuous business and a busy diary, I have the most fantastic clients and repeat clients.  I’ve also been that person that was afraid to say “sorry no I can’t do that, its not for me” when a job came along that held little spark to ignite my creativity and also that person that couldn’t turn a client away so took on more work than I could cope with. This year however I decided that I was going to slow down a bit, enjoy life, not work all day/every day taking photos and then spend all evening editing them, never spending quality time with my husband when he was home or more importantly never having quality time for myself.  I spent this past summer working the weddings that were booked in and a few portrait sessions, the rest of the time I spent on myself and having that time has enabled me to reflect upon my business-self.

The first thing was to really think about running a studio from a rented building, the pressure of meeting overheads each month focussing more on the money I HAD to earn to pay the bills more than the sessions I was booking in.  So having a perfectly adequate space at home the decision was easily made to give up the rented studio and go back to my home studio in the garden, where I first started off from before wanting bigger and better things.  This then led me on to what type of photography does ignite my spark and passion? What kind of photography makes me feel proud and eager to get back and start editing the files, what makes me feel like a proper professional photographer?

The answer was simple when I thought about it…….. I am a PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER!

Portrait Photography is the art of capturing a subject (or group of subjects) in which the face, facial features as well as facial expressions are the predominant feature – its about the person in front of the lens, pure and simple.  This is what ignites me as a photographer, being able to see how the light falls on a person, to have them turn so the light creates shadows giving depth, to see the catchlights in the eyes.  Its about collaborating and planning with the client,  what should you wear, do you need a make up artist or a hair artist  – this is what I love, producing top quality images for my client!

I decided to do a personal project and invited some past clients and some new ones to the studio and created some beautiful portraits.  There was no rushing as it wasn’t about getting lots of images for the client to choose from, it was about getting the best images for the client by perfecting the details before pressing the shutter button. A Portrait Session isn’t about buying a USB of digital files so you can put them on social networking sites, its about choosing an image and then creating a work of art by selecting a beautifully crafted product for it to be printed on and for it to be hung on a wall and admired or choosing a selection of images and having them printed and mounted on Fine Art photography papers to be placed in desktop frames, in other words to be shown off beautifully and proudly.

So there it is…I’m a portrait photographer! Now I know who I am I will be creating new collections for 2017, I’ll still be offering newborn and baby photography and a few others but Portrait Photography will be a huge part of my business going forward into 2017.  And if you would like to find out more about a Portrait Session for you, your family, your child then please just complete the form at the bottom of this post.

Before you get to the form, please spend a moment looking at these beautiful images, can you imagine you having your family or your child’s portraits similar to these portraits in your home?


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